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Cooking Classes

Please Note - we are always Nut and Peanut free!

WINTER 2019 - Culinary Skills - Level 1
4-Week Cooking Program

JAN 6, 13, 20, 27
Sundays 2 pm - 5:30 pm

Culinary Skills - Level 1

This is the ultimate program for the truly adventuresome foodie that would like to learn the skills of a true chef. Each class is 3.5 to 4 hours long and you will learn the intricacies and tips from our Red Seal Chef instructors. Each class will be a unique experience and you will receive a detailed instruction booklet, where you can add your own notes and observations.
  • Classes are always nut and peanut free
  • This is not a meal, but you will be sampling everything that you create on that day
  • Bring a large tupperware container to being home samples
  • If you have serious food allergies or food concerns please call before booking to see if we can accommodate
  • Wine and beer available for purchase
  • You will learn to create 5 Star Meals and to plate them beautifully in this exciting 4-class series.
  • Cost - $495/person plus HST for the 4 week session

Level 1 - Course Outline (Jan. 6, 13, 20, 27)
Sundays 2 pm - 5:30 pm

Week 1 - Knife Skills

  • Bring your own knives.
  • Learn which 3 knives are essential for every chef.
  • What is Honing vs Sharpening?
  • Learn all the essential knife cuts; julienne, dice, mincing. How to properly cut onions, mince garlic, cut peppers, etc.
  • Finally, prepare a Chopped Mexican Salad with Roasted Peppers, Corn, Tomatoes & Avocado

Week 2 - Stocks, Soups and Sauces

  • Stocks are the essential base for many soups, sauces, braises, etc.
  • Learn the difference between clear and dark stocks and how to prepare stock using beef, chicken, fish and vegetables
  • You will prepare both a chicken stock and a fish stock.
  • The fish stock will be used to prepare a Shrimp Bisque
  • The chicken stock will be used to prepare a truly decadent Mushroom Soup starting with a veloute (a savoury sauce, made from a roux and a light stock)

Week 3 - Italian Essentials

  • You will learn how to make pasta dough from scratch and will use a pasta machine to create your own noodles.
  • To go with the pasta noodles you will make a delightful Bolognese Sauce from scratch, a Grilled Caesar Salad with a Creamy Avocado Lime Dressing and Garlic Bread using a Slow Cooked Garlic Butter

Week 4 - Butchery of Fish and Chicken

  • The final class addresses basic kitchen sanitation/safety and cooking techniques with Chicken, Fish and Shellfish.
  • You will learn to cut up a whole chicken and how to properly debone and cook chicken breasts to perfection.
  • You will learn how to prepare a simple mussel dish and finally, how to fillet fish and to prepare using both a pan searing and poaching method.
  • Recipes include Pan Seared Branzino. Poached Salmon, Mussels in a Wine and Tomato Broth.
  • This final class will conclude with a sit-down meal.

Cancellation & Change Policy:

All students must acknowledge the Cancellation & Change Policy prior to registering for the 4-week Culinary program.

  • The program is non-refundable and must be paid for when booked.
  • HST will be applied to the price.

Cancellation Request - Up to 14 days notice to The Chef Upstairs by email or phone: 

  • If you cancel up to 14 days prior to the start of the program you will receive a total refund less a $35 cancellation fee.

Cancellation Request - Less than 14 days notice to The Chef Upstairs: 

  • No refunds or rescheduling will be allowed.
  • No exceptions.

No Notice: 

  • Where a student fails to inform The Chef Upstairs or fails to attend registered class –No Refunds, credits or Rescheduling will be allowed.

Sickness, Illness or Inclement Weather: 

  • This is a strict policy, absolutely NO exceptions for any reason including, but not limited to inclement weather, sickness or illness, family circumstances, traffic etc.
  • You have purchased a "cooking program”, no different than purchasing a concert event or sporting event ticket. All sales are final.
  • If you fail to show up to your purchased event, there are no credits, no rescheduling, no refunds, no matter the reason. Please do not ask for an exception, as you will be referred back to this policy.

Gift Certificate Use: 

  • Where a student intends to use a gift certificate and is unable to attend a class, the above Cancellation policy is in effect. Failure to provide the minimum notice will result in cancellation of the Gift Certificate, regardless of circumstances.