Birthday Parties

Our birthday parties are hands-on, interactive fun where the kids are guided through the preparation of the meal by our chef.

Upon arrival, the kids have a fruit and veggies with dip platter to snack on while they wait for all the guests to arrive. The chef would then call everyone over to the kitchen, explain the menu, and get the kids cooking, ensuring everyone has a chance to participate. 

Our junior chefs get to enjoy the meal they have created at the end of the party.


Answers to FAQ's:

  • For kids ages 4-12, the cost is $650 for up to 10 guests ($65 per each additional guest, plus HST and 18% staffing fee)
  • For kids ages 13-16, the cost is $750 for up to 10 guests ($75 per each additional guest, plus HST and 18% staffing fee)
  • Parties are 2 hours long
  • Standard decorations included are birthday banner, balloons, streamers and birthday themed plates, cups and napkins
  • We offer adult menu options (prepared ahead of time by the chef and served during the party)
  • We are 100% Nut and Peanut Free and therefore do not allow any outside food to be brought in
  • Please let us know if there are any food allergies or food concerns

Please email us at to book your child's most memorable birthday!

Did you know we host interactive and delicious adult birthday parties too?

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