Cancellation and Change Policy

**All sales are non-refundable and final**

Any guests eligible for a vaccine (ages 5 and up)must be vaccinated to attend any in-studio cooking class, camp or private event. Only the enhanced vaccine certificate with official QR code will be accepted to join us at our studios. Vaccine receipts without a QR code will not be accepted as valid proof of vaccination. Please do not proceed with your purchase if you are unable to provide proof of vaccination as entry to our studio would not be permitted. There would be no refunds issued if you are unable to provide both photo ID and proof of vaccination for any guest, age 5 and up. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Cooking Classes/Camps (Virtual and In-Studio)

In-Studio Cooking Classes (Adults, Kids and Teens)

7 or more days’ notice: You may reschedule. Send your reschedule request to us via email

Less than 7 days’ notice: You cannot reschedule but please feel free to have someone attend in your place.

No notice:  You cannot reschedule. 

In-Studio Summer Camps

Cancellation requests must be made via email at least 21 days before the start date of your child's camp session. All cancellations and refunds that are accepted will be subject to a $100 administration fee per camp session and per child cancelled. There are no substitutions, make-up days or refunds for cancellations requested or missed days after the start date of your child’s camp session. Should camps be unable to run or cancelled due to government imposed restrictions or lockdowns, all registrants will receive a credit for future use for the full value of the camp. 

Vaccination Policy

For anyone eligible to be vaccinated against Covid-19, s/he will be fully vaccinated (per Health Canada requirements) at least 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the start of his/her in-studio class/camp and proof of vaccination will be provided
as required by The Chef Upstairs.

If the participant is eligible to be vaccinated but chooses not to be vaccinated and/or does not provide proof of vaccination prior to the class/camp, the enrolment will be cancelled.

Please note that the refund policy at the time of this cancellation will apply.

We understand that the trajectory of Covid-19 provides a lot of uncertainty for parents in making decisions about the future. That being said, the Ontario Ministry of Health provided summer day camps with approval to open in Summer 2020 and Summer 2021 and we were able to open and operate successfully with ZERO Covid-19 positive cases in both seasons. Assuming that we are allowed to open and operate in any future seasons, our above refund policy will remain in effect with NO EXCEPTIONS.

Virtual Cooking Classes/Camps

7 or more days’ notice: You may reschedule your class date. Send your reschedule request to us via email

Less than 7 days' notice: You cannot reschedule but you may have someone join in your place.

No notice:  You cannot reschedule to a future class. 

Sickness, Illness or Inclement Weather

There are no exceptions for any reason including, but not limited to inclement weather, sickness or illness, family circumstances, traffic etc.

Consider our cooking classes and camps like cooking “events”. If you fail to show up to an event, such as a concert, you cannot get a credit back from the concert venue, no matter the reason. Please think of our classes and camps the same way.

Other Notes

If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please contact us prior to booking your class to ensure we can accommodate. Sales are final so if you do have any dietary restrictions, allergies or questions, please contact us prior to booking to inquire if the class of interest is suitable for you. If you are unable to attend your class, please feel free to have someone take your place. It is the guest’s responsibility to be aware of the date and time of a class. A confirmation email is sent at the time of booking to the email used for the registration. Please make note of your class date and time. If you do not receive an email within 2 hours after booking, please contact us via email so we can forward you the details.

Occasionally, it is necessary for us to cancel a class or camp with a minimum of 48 hours prior notice. When this occurs, we will re-book you into another class or camp of your choice. 

**Should we be forced to close at any time under government orders, the above policy will apply and all those with cooking classes or events affected by the closure will be offered a credit for future use.**

Gift Certificates

When using a gift certificate to reserve a class, the above cancellation policy is in effect.

Private Events (In-Studio, At-Home and Virtual)

Deposits to reserve dates are non-refundable. You may change your event date up until 21 days prior to your event. If you cancel your event more than 21 days out, you may re-book another date. If you cancel 14- 21 days out from your event, and choose not to re-book another event, you will forfeit your deposit. If you cancel with less than 14 days notice, you are responsible for the full event price (non-refundable deposit, remaining balance and the full cost of any event extra’s ordered and already purchased by The Chef Upstairs Inc. (on your behalf. We require that final number of guests be
confirmed at least 72 hours in advance of the event. You will be invoiced for any guests that cancel without 72 hours notice, as our staffing, food and rental costs will be based on the confirmed number of guests Please note, exceptions will not be made for any reason including but not limited to inclement weather, sickness or illness, family circumstances, traffic etc. In the event of government lockdowns that prevent us from hosting your event, a credit would be applied to your account. This credit would never diminish in value or expire and could be used towards any current or future services we

**Please do not ask for an exception as you will be referred back to this policy. We thank you for your understanding.

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