Vaughan - High School, College and University Culinary Skills and Soci - The Chef Upstairs

Vaughan - High School, College and University Culinary Skills and Social Event - 4 week Crash Course


Finishing high school or just started college or university? Just moved out on your own?

This crash course by The Chef Upstairs is designed for those in grade 10 and up to make you feel more proficient, confident, efficient and independent when it comes to food!

We will be discussing and practicing key factors to being a master of the kitchen such as meal planning, grocery shopping, basic kitchen equipment needs, and food-handling, sanitation and hygiene.

We will be creating delicious meals focusing on simplicity, flavour, nutritional needs, and cost-efficiency, which will be enjoyed together at the end of each class.

Each class will run 2.5 hours, with time to cook, eat and socialize!

The 4-week session will include the below menus each week and the cost is $360 plus HST for the 4-weeks. 

Week 1: Pizza Night

  1. From scratch pizza with traditional tomato sauce and elevated pantry toppings
  2. Homemade Caesar salad
  3. Stracciatella gelato (made from scratch!)

 Week 2: A Quick Trip to Mexico

  1. Homemade tortillas
  2. Chicken carnitas
  3. Crispy battered fish
  4. Pico de Gallo
  5. Guacamole
  6. Taco slaw
  7. Spiced crema
  8. Pina colada smoothies (teen friendly)

Week 3: Chinese Take-Out At Home

  1. Chicken wonton soup
  2. Assorted dim sum dumplings
  3. Vegetable fried rice
  4. Homemade fortune cookies 

Week 4: From Israel with Love

  1. Homemade pita
  2. Chicken shawarma
  3. Israeli salad
  4. Hummus
  5. Nut free baklava (with sunflower seeds)


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