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Midtown - Exclusive Chef Spotlight Menu featuring Chef Matthew Peluso: Home is Where the Heart Is

Step into a rustic getaway in Chef Matthew's culinary mind. There is nothing more important in cooking than going back to the basics. This is where we all grew up and where some of our finest memories come from. This menu will do just that- take you back in time to experience some of the more traditional and rustic parts of Italian cuisine. The love for this menu comes from when Chef Matthew worked alongside his Nonni to jar vegetables and cure meat every winter. This is his way to keep traditions and keep things old school.


Upon Arrival: Rustic Italian Crostini 3 ways: Honey Whipped Ricotta with Balsamic Cherries, Bruschetta and Charred Peach with Prosciutto on top or Mascarpone (Vegetarian Substitute: without Prosciutto)

Charcoal Speducci with Saffron Arancini (Vegetarian Substitute: Grilled Eggplant and Saffron Arancini)

Homemade Tonnarelli Pasta Carbonaro finish with Salt Cured Egg Yolk and Truffle Oil (Vegetarian Substitute: Homemade Tonnarelli Pasta Cacio e Pepe finished with Truffle Oil)

Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb on a bed of Garlic Roasted Potatoes finished with Brandy Mushroom Sauce (Vegetarian Substitute: Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms)

Classic Tiramisu

The Evening’s Specialty Drink: Amaretto Sour

  • A full sensory, exclusive dining experience, unlike any other
  • The Featured Chef will take you on an intimate journey through demonstrative cooking, story-telling and a uniquely crafted tasting menu
  • Our spotlight dinners will have guests enjoy their social evening safely, as we follow all required health and safety guidelines 
  • Relax with a glass of wine, beer, cocktail or soft drink (available for purchase during the experience)
  • The dining experience begins at 6:30 p.m. and is about 3 hours long 

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