Midtown - Exclusive Chef Spotlight Menu featuring Chef Pierre Beaumier: Overnight in Tokyo

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Pull up a chair in Chef Pierre Beaumier’s kitchen. Enjoy an intimate and exclusive evening of cooking, cocktails, good music, storytelling and, of course, delicious food. Chef Pierre received his culinary training in Quebec City and lived in Tokyo for many years. His time in Tokyo introduced him to new tastes, textures and new ways to cook. With this menu, Chef Pierre will introduce you to 5 different food elements and their inherent technique so you can discover a taste of Japan. This is a great introduction to get familiar with Japanese cuisine, and is a first step leading you to discover a much broader and deeper Japanese culinary heritage.


Upon Arrival: Traditional Miso Soup

Goma (sesame) Dressing, Fresh Salad and Chicken Katsu

Gyoza (dumpling)

Tamago Yaki

Onigiri Sushi

The Evening’s Specialty Drink: Sapporo 

  • A full sensory, exclusive dining experience, unlike any other
  • The Featured Chef will take you on an intimate journey through demonstrative cooking, story-telling and a uniquely crafted tasting menu
  • Our spotlight dinners will have guests enjoy their social evening safely, as we follow all required health and safety guidelines 
  • Relax with a glass of wine, beer, cocktail or soft drink (available for purchase during the experience)
  • The dining experience begins at 6:30 p.m. and is about 3 hours long

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