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Midtown - Private PD Day Camp

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Hi Parents,

Thank you for your interest!

Our camps are hands-on and fun where your kids will be preparing their own meal from start to finish, guided by our chef each step of the way.

The camp will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the kids will make a Mexican themed lunch and a snack.

Chopped Salad, Rice and beans, Taco trio; Vegetarian, fish and chicken, Mexican chocolate cake

As explained to Alana upon inquiring:

Cost would be $850 for up to 10 kids and $85 per each additional child (plus HST).

The minimum cost is $850 for up to 10 kids. If under 10 kids register, the remaining balance from the $850 would need to be paid in order to run the camp, or we be unable to run the camp and our standard cancellation policy would apply. The value of this purchase could be applied to any of our products or services.

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